Operational Risk Management is more than just knowing where your risk resides within your organization. Through ORM solutions, Cognascents works with clients to leverage existing knowledge management investments to extract and aggregate the right information and put it in front of the right person to make the right decision at the right time.
How do you ensure strategic excellence focused on sustained high-performance throughout your entire organization? How do you ensure each business function, process, and tactical activity is aligned with an adaptive strategy? Cognascents centers companies to a set of core virtues and a sound strategy for enhanced business delivery.
You have a sustainable business model. You have a great product or service. You have a healthy backlog. So why are profit margins low?  Why is delivery taking longer than planned? Are you ready for the “Great Shift Change” hitting the Energy industry? Cognascents helps clients answer these questions through organizational integrity solutions.

Serving It Forward

The 2015 challenge coin is in!  

The challenge coin is meant to be carried with you throughout your daily activities to serve as a reminder of your commitment to the process safety community to SERVE IT FORWARD.

Share you process safety story with us today and we will send you the 2015 Process Safety Challenge Coin.

Have you witnessed someone exhibiting process safety excellence? If so, we invite you to pass on your coin, share your story with us, and we will send you a new coin.

What is Cognascents?

Cognascents helps people and organizations achieve competitive sustainability through aggressively-priced operational risk management, business excellence, and organizational integrity solutions that leverage our rare combination of technical problem-solving skill and sharp business acumen.
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