Process engineering is the branch and discipline of engineering focused on designing, operating, controlling, and improving chemical processes. Cognascents is a company of process engineers with multi-disciplined experience across the energy and chemical spectrums. 
Process safety includes the culture, programs, and engineering activities focused on managing hazardous chemicals to prevent accidental releases and subsequent damaging consequences. Cognascents serves the process safety efforts across the upstream, midstream, downstream, and chemicals sectors.
Environmental engineering is a natural extension of process engineering. Many of a facility’s environmental activities require deep process engineering expertise. We offer full Risk Management Plan (RMP) development for compliance with EPA’s 40 CFR 68 RMP mandate.

Serving It Forward

The 2016 challenge coin is in!

The challenge coin is meant to be carried with you throughout your daily activities to serve as a reminder of your commitment to the process safety community to SERVE IT FORWARD.

Share your process safety story with us today and we will send you the 2016 Process Safety Challenge Coin.

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What is Cognascents?

Cognascents helps people and organizations achieve competitive sustainability through aggressively-priced process engineering services, process safety services, environmental services, and technical training solutions that leverage our rare combination of technical problem-solving skills and integrity.
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