RMP Compliance Audits

EPA’s Risk Management Plan (RMP) rule requires compliance audits be conducted every three years by Program 3 facilities. Compliance audits help companies determine whether they are doing what is required for compliance against EPA’s RMP rule. Compliance audits also help companies determine if they are doing what is described in their RMP policies and protocols. In essence, compliance audits serve as a company’s most critical measurement tool for RMP effectiveness and compliance.

Cognascents performs third-party RMP compliance audits. Third-party RMP compliance audits ensure independence and impartiality, thereby enhancing the integrity of the compliance assessment. Cognascents is both agile and practical in their approach to RMP compliance audits. Cognascents auditors have developed comprehensive checklists to aid in the interview, observation, and verification audit elements. Cognascents auditors know how to effectively and efficiently conduct interviews and review information as they themselves have generated RMP-compliant programs.

Most importantly, the Cognascents auditors look for inter-relationships and inconsistencies between RMP elements in a way other audit companies do not. Other audit companies do not typically utilize multi-disciplined engineers who are well-versed in all RMP elements. All of the Cognascents auditors are engineers who have developed and implemented RMP elements, such as PHAs and accidental release scenarios. Therefore, Cognascents also ensures a higher-integrity competency component to their RMP compliance audits.

Cognascents has worked with companies through regulatory scrutiny and understands what “compliance” means. At the end of the audit, Cognascents conducts a management debrief and provides recommendations with achievable action plans to attain compliance status.

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