Open Action Resolution

In today’s engineering world, so much of our time is spent addressing open action items. These action items are generated on many different fronts – small and large capital projects, process safety management, quality assurance and control, new product development, and the list goes on.

Anyone who has spent significant time in the oil, gas, or chemical industry also recognizes that much of an engineer’s time is spent on trying to prioritize their action item resolution efforts. Meeting after meeting is held “focused” on strategic prioritization of actions. These meetings often require additional risk assessments beyond the risk assessment or other activity that generated the action in the first place.

Cognascents engineers are familiar and experienced at resolving open action items of a process engineering or process safety nature. Cognascents is a company of process engineers with multi-disciplined experience across the oil, gas, and chemicals industries. Our process engineers can be brought in at any stage of the action item’s life with the expectation that they drive it to resolution.

Cognascents may apply any of the below services to close out open actions:
  1.    Technical and commercial feasibility analysis
  2.    Safer Technology and Alternative Analysis (STAA)
  3.    Process design package generation
  4.    Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) package generation
  5.    Heat and Material Balance (H&MB) generation via process simulation
  6.    Process Flow Diagram (PFD) generation
  7.    Process control design
  8.    Hydraulic calculations
  9.    Relief system analysis and design
  10.  Dynamic depressuring simulation
  11.  Flare header and effluent handling analysis and design
  12.  Dynamic effluent handling system simulation
  13.  Process hazard analysis – HAZOP, LOPA, RCA, FTA, STAA
  14.  Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) generation
  15.  Process equipment specification package generation
  16.  Heat exchanger design and pinch-point analysis
  17.  Vendor interface for process equipment evaluation and selection
  18.  Collaboration with mechanical, structural, civil, electrical, controls, subsea, and
    process safety interfaces to ensure comprehensive process design package delivery

  19.  Cause-and-effects diagram review
  20.  Process overview and chemistry documentation
  21.  Operating procedure development
  22.  Cost estimation, procurement interface, and generation of bill of materials
  23.  Energy optimization analysis
  24.  Debottlenecking analysis

Contact Cognascents to help you close out your open process engineering and process safety-related actions. We are here to serve.