We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.
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Our Employees are Awesome!
Dear Cognascents Employees,

On behalf of the owners, thank you!

We don’t take you for granted. We know you sacrifice a lot. This year has been busy and many of us have spent time on the road away from home and loved ones. Perhaps the biggest sacrifices of all are made by our loved ones. They do without us as we meet our professional commitments. We know you have choices and we are humbled every day you choose to spend with Cognascents.

Cognascents is not me or Najib or Colette. Cognascents is us - our service to clients, our passion for our craft, our desire for excellence, our loyalty to each other. Cognascents survives the bad and celebrates the good. Cognascents tries hard to go the extra mile and correct its missteps. You all should be proud of our successes and I appreciate your humility and preference to let our repeat customers spread the Cognascents gospel. You are the fun and family of the company. All of you provide the essence of our glue and camaraderie. Our brand is defined by grit, competency, integrity, and fairness. All of you are shapers and keepers of our reputation.

Cognascents is all of this and does all of this because you are amazing people. You all own the role and responsibility of being a Cognascents standard-bearer.

We are so proud of all of you. We are honored to be a part of this company.

We do not say this enough and we wanted our gratitude to be heard across the land.

You deserve the public shout-out.

Merry Christmas,
Colette, Najib, and John
The Integrity Blog
Make Someone Smile

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful and safe Christmas season.

For some, the hustle and bustle of this time of the year can be overwhelming or simply a sad reminder of lost loved ones.

It would be great if the media and politicians and warring factions around the world would just take a break from dishing out their contagious vitriol.  It would be great if for one month we could just bask and enjoy uplifting conversation across the world and celebrate our differences in unified solemnity.

We may not be able to achieve the above as a global society, BUT we can achieve a slice of the above in our local communities by simply choosing to do one thing each and every day this holiday season.

Make someone smile.

Three words...a simple challenge...batteries not required.

Brightening someone's day isn't hard, but it can be life changing.  Need ideas?  Keep reading John's blog to see if you can make someone smile today.

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