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How Strong are Your Operating Procedures
Use the following questions to determine the fitness of your Operating Procedures:

1. Do your Operating Procedures get reviewed
    and updated based on a prescribed time
    interval determined by their criticality?
2. Do your Operating Procedures get updated
    with every applicable MoC performed at the
3. Do the tags in your Operating Procedures
    match both the P&IDs and the Control Board?
4. Do your Operators actually read your
    Operating Procedures when performing
5. Do you think a new Operator can follow all
    Procedures and perform the designated

Your facility is not alone if it struggles with any or all of the above questions. Click here to see Cognascents’ one day agenda for teaching you the tips we have learned across the oil, gas, and chemical industries to address all of these common deficiencies in Operating Procedures.

You can also visit our training page to see the details on the following other courses that we offer:
The Integrity Blog
Please Be Divinely Human

This is my mantra for Lent. Lately, there have been too many evenings when upon reflection of the day’s events I am disappointed with my performance as a human being. Sure, I was effective at work. I met my responsibilities as a husband and father. I contributed to my community and sacrificed some of my time for others. Yet, something about my performance and, more importantly, my attitude missed the mark of excellence.

Excellence to me is a standard, an ideal, and a state of being whose constitution incorporates important facets of my moral compass, physical well-being, and mental stability...

Continue reading the Cognascents' blog by clicking here.

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Continue Visiting our Website
Cognascents is excited about the upcoming updates to our website. This phase of our website update is geared to enhancing the look, feel, and usability of the site to better serve our clients' needs.

Cognascents continues to provide our clients with:

1. Process engineering

2. Process safety services;
3. Environmental services;

4. Technical training solutions.

Contact us so we can help you scope out and price your next project. We are here to serve you.
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Frequently Asked Questions
We at Cognascents do not like keeping secrets; therefore, we provide transparency between ourselves and the upstream, downstream, and midstream industries via training courses, whitepapers, our newsletter, and now with responses to Frequently Asked Questions.

The passing along of knowledge is important because process safety continues to evolve with new recommended practices and interpretations being proposed every day.

If you contact us with your question, it will be answered by our team of experts and may even end up on our website.
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14th GCPS in Orlando
Cognascents wants to see you at the 14th GCPS in Orlando. We will have our booth, and yes, we will have our table games.

Come visit our booth to let Cognascents know:

1. What challenges you are
    facing at your facility; and
2. What brings you to the

The answer to those two questions will often tell us how we can best serve you in your quest for PSM fitness.

We are process engineers performing process safety work.
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