Part of Cognascents’ mission is to actively engage in the advancement of our industry and profession. Sharing best practices and data analysis regarding our areas of expertise is an effective channel to give back to the community that supports us. For more information regarding any one of our white papers, please send an inquiry.

Cognascents Integrity Blog

Our blog offers insight and opinions regarding operational risk management, business excellence, and organizational integrity. 

  1. Prepare with the End in Mind John Perez 12-Apr-2018
  2. Please Be Divinely Human John Perez 25-Feb-2018
  3. Keep Looking for the Good John Perez 01-Nov-2017
  4. Don’t Get Distracted…Work in Series John Perez 10-Oct-2016
  5. A Little Extra Makes a Team Great John Perez 25-May-2016
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The Cognascents Newsletter acts as a looking glass into that core and allows our peers to see how we achieve these qualities in our daily work within the Process Engineering, Process Safety, and Environmental Communities.

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