Part of Cognascents’ mission is to actively engage in the advancement of our industry and profession. Sharing best practices and data analysis regarding our areas of expertise is an effective channel to give back to the community that supports us. For more information regarding any one of the below white papers, please send an inquiry.

Assessing Meticulous Verification Effectiveness Utilizing HAZOP and LOPA

Double Jeopardy for $1000 Alex” - What It Is and How to Apply It

Will It Really Make that Much of a Difference? Broad Effects of Operational Changes on Relief System Design

Blah, Blah, Blah!!! - Effective Individual and Team Communication Lead to Effective PHAs

Are You Being Honest With Yourself Regarding IPL Integrity?

A Leadership Cycle for Technical Excellence

Critical P&ID Reviews Using HAZOP/LOPA Methodology - Overkill or Underrated?

The Obvious-to-Obscure Process Safety Checklist for Plant Engineers

Overpressure Protection Assurance through Management of Change

Enhanced PHA Integrity Through a Modified PHA Cycle for Capital Projects

Improved Integration of LOPA with HAZOP Analyses