Cognascents Training Solutions

We at Cognascents do not like keeping secrets; therefore, we offer training on our core business and technical service offerings. We realize that outsourcing to us is not always an option, but we can still help you through training. To register for courses or for more information, please contact us via phone at (281) 717-8590 or via e-mail.

Currently, Cognascents offers the following courses:
Standard learning/training techniques, hands-on examples, and role-playing workshops are incorporated into the courses where appropriate. Extensive and comprehensive training material is provided with each course for easy reference once back at your job.

Corporate Training Solution
If you are planning on sending five or more employees to a certain training course, please contact us about our corporate training solution. Depending on which course interests you, it may be more cost-effective to schedule delivery of the course at your facility or other nearby location. Closed in-house reservations are available worldwide.

Custom Training Solution
If you see something close to what you are looking for, Cognascents will work with you to design/customize a specific training agenda that meets your needs. For example, we can combine the Hazard and Operability PHA course with the Layer of Protection Analysis PHA course for a more comprehensive offering.

Our Instructors
Our instructors are “working” instructors, which means they are not retired and still very much in the “know” regarding their subject matter. This is important because process safety continues to evolve with new recommended practices and interpretations being proposed every day. 


“One of the best classes I have ever taken.”

“Everyone was awesome and very knowledgeable.”

“Great course.”

“I really enjoyed the LOPA class. It was presented in a manner that was easy to understand and apply for my regulatory purposes.”