What is Cognascents?

Cognizant \käg-nǝ-zent\ - knowledgeable of something especially through personal experience 

Ascent \ǝ-’sent, a-\ - the act of rising

Cognizant + Ascent = Cognascents, becoming cognizant of where you are in order to ascend to where you want to be

Our Name and Logo

Ascent to a higher standard of excellence is only possible after achieving cognizance of one’s own strengths and vulnerabilities. This dynamic (ever-changing) state of existence is “cognascents”.

The contrail through our name represents the white trail against the sky as you gain altitude along your path towards “cognascents”. The thickening of letters from beginning to end represents the build-up of wisdom, integrity, compassion, and overall leadership capacity as we move from one standard of excellence to the next.

To help our clients achieve “cognascents”, we deliver solutions focused on integrity and sustainability by identifying, stabilizing, and elevating an entity’s center of gravity.

Our logo is a graphical depiction of our existence statement and overall approach to “cognascents”. It combines the international symbol for the center of gravity with an upwards arrow. Quite simply, our logo means you must find your center of gravity before attempting to stand up straight and build yourself up.

Another key component of our logo is not immediately visible, which is essential to its significance. Look closely. Do you see anything in the negative space?

Once again, transcendence to a higher standard of excellence requires intense scrutiny of oneself. The four arrows pointing inward (towards the center of gravity) in the negative space represents the mindfulness required to find yourself and understand yourself. Only then can you be yourself and better yourself.

We call our logo the “Hawkeye”. Why? Some folks believe the name came about because the logo resembles the eye of a hawk. The real reason can be found in the pages of early American literature penned by James Fenimore Cooper.

What is Cognascents?

Your Time Reveals Your Identity

Friday, January 25, 2019

From previous blog entries, some of you know I respect the annual personal or professional reset brought about by the turning of the calendar page from December to January. A new year is as good a time as any to reflect on years past and look forward to years future with the intent of centering oneself.  ..

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