Our Mission

What We Do

Cognascents aspires to serve the upstream, midstream, downstream and chemical markets through delivering cost-effective process engineering, process safety, risk management and training solutions.

What We Believe

At Cognascents we believe that authentic awareness and relentless achievement are cardinal to the pursuit of integrity, balance and transcendence.

Cognascents pledges unwavering loyalty to its employees, clients and community and strives for greatest familial, patriotic, societal and environmental relevance.

How We Got Our Name

Cognizant \käg-nǝ-zent\ — Knowledgeable about something especially through personal experience

Ascent \ǝ-’sent, a-\ — The act of rising

Cognizant + Ascent = Cognascents: Becoming cognizant of where you are to ascend as high as you want

You can only ascend a higher standard of excellence after becoming cognizant of your strengths and vulnerabilities. Here, we call this ever-changing state “cognascents.” To help our clients achieve cognascents, we deliver solutions focused on integrity and sustainability by identifying, stabilizing and elevating an entity’s center of gravity.

Our Logo: What We Stand For

Cognascents Logo

Our logo is a graphical depiction of our mission statement. It combines the international symbol for the center of gravity with an upwards arrow.

Another key component of our logo lies in the negative space. Once again, transcendence to a higher standard of excellence requires intense scrutiny of oneself. The four arrows pointing inward (towards the center of gravity) in the negative space represents the mindfulness required to find yourself and understand yourself.

The contrail through our name represents the white trail against the sky as you gain altitude. The thickening of letters from beginning to end represents the build-up of wisdom, integrity, compassion and leadership as we grow in excellence.

Let's Work Together.