Why is external consulting expertise important?

In the everyday grind of running and maintaining equipment, we are all challenged with finding time to identify areas to improve and enhance our asset integrity programs.  Further complexity can be reached when looking to process significant amounts of data produced by operations and maintenance.

These types of challenges call for asset owners to seek specialized consultancy services as an option to leverage on the core competencies and capacity of those firms. Specialized firms can help you achieve those desired results at a lower cost.

Why Cognascents?

At Cognascents, we care about taking you and your program to the next level, and we will do it with the highest standard of integrity.  If we have the competency and capacity to identify a viable solution to an existing problem, we will work with you to obtain an execution plan to meet your needs and budget.

We have in-house expertise and competence to review your existing program, to provide guidance, insight, and execution ideas to help you achieve your integrity and reliability objectives.  Our mission is to always achieve client satisfaction by properly defining from the start what a positive outcome after the project will look like–i.e., we will not oversell our services.

Cognascents provides the following consultancy services:

  • Compliance audit
  • Corrosion Control Documents (CCDs)
  • Corrosion study (Damage Mechanisms Review)
  • Digital solution evaluation
  • Inspection Data Management System (IDMS) evaluation
  • Integrity Operating Windows (IOWs)
  • Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)
  • Program optimization
  • Risk and reliability assessment

Limited time to review your AI programs? Let us help.