Thirty Minute Thursday

We are all navigating rough and uncharted waters as we collectively endure the COVID19 pandemic, slumping oil prices, and overall leaner workforces.  Fear, uncertainty, and doubt can easily creep into and chip away at our mental, physical, and spiritual conditions when presented with mounting obstacles and external threats to our business and lives. We know times are tough and stress abounds; however, by most Thursday afternoons, most folks could use a break and a good dose of optimism. We promise to provide both in our weekly sessions of Thirty Minute Thursday. We look forward to seeing you online!

Thirty Minute Thursday Session 1- April 2, 2020

Episode recap: John Perez discusses vulnerabilities the COVID-19 pandemic may uncover in the process safety industry.

Process Safety Vulnerabilities Enhanced by COVID19


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Thirty Minute Thursday Session 2- April 9, 2020

Episode recap: Justin Daarud discusses his insights on optimizing inspection scopes to relieve budgets without sacrificing any of the critical items.

Inspection Scopes; Optimize, Don’t Sacrifice


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Thirty Minute Thursday Session 3 – April 16, 2020

Episode recap: Najib Melhem discusses how pressure relief devices need to be properly maintained even during these challenging days.

Don’t Lose Sight of Your Process Safety Targets; Pressure Relief Devices Require Continued Attention

Thirty Minute Thursday Session 4 – April 30, 2020

Episode recap: John King provides his insights on how COVID-19 is impacting P&ID walkdowns and why, even during the pandemic, field work SHOULD and CAN safely continue.

How is COVID19 Impacting Your P&IDs?  Field Work and Drafting Best Practices


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Thirty Minute Thursday Session 5 – May 14, 2020

Episode Recap: Jeff Miller discusses the potential hazards during startup and shutdown. He also provides his valuable insight on identifying, evaluating, and addressing often-seen pitfalls during routine risk assessments.

Known Hazards. Unknown Risk.

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