Energy Optimization Study

How Can an Energy Optimization Study Help You?

Walk through any plant or processing facility and you will see and hear opportunities for more effective use and conservation of energy. While not as sexy as a new distillation column or new train, energy optimization can deliver real savings to the bottom line. Every steam leak through a malfunctioning trap and every untuned controller present opportunities to recover dollars that can be better spent or saved during a tough economy.

Achieving a competitive advantage and keeping it require perpetual vigilance of every facet of your operations. Energy optimization offers low-hanging fruit to tighten up your expenses and get a leg up on your peers. Energy optimization audits are a good first step when considering whether to spend additional capital to increase throughput or recover lost throughput.

Why Work With Cognascents Process Engineers?

Our process engineers are ready to (1) help you identify where you are wasting energy, (2) provide recommendations on how to better manage your energy, and (3) design practical solutions to realize and implement these recommendations.

To help you identify energy optimization potential, Cognascents conducts a comprehensive review and analysis of each unit’s energy and material balance. This review incorporates interviews with facility operators and engineers and involves a detailed examination of automation associated with energy-related controls, such as power, fuel, hot oil and steam. Our engineers also get their boots dirty by performing a thorough plant/unit walkthrough to videtermine points of energy abuse.

The primary deliverable from the energy audit is a report detailing what Cognascents examined and what they discovered. We provide recommendations with detailed and practical action plans supported by potential energy savings and project costs.

Cognascents can typically mobilize within two weeks of receiving a purchase order and normally takes one to two weeks to complete the audit for a single large unit. Report turnaround normally occurs within two weeks of the audit.

Contact for pricing on your next energy optimization project. Along with your cost estimate, we will include timing estimates and scheduling options for your convenience.