Process Safety Information Maintenance

Why Is Process Safety Information Important?

Having up to date and accurate process safety information (PSI) is at the core of all successful process safety programs. We understand the challenges that a company faces in keeping their PSI current and can help your company maintain the ever-dynamic information.

OSHA 1910.119(l) states that a company needs to update its PSI every time a management of change (MOC) relating to the plant’s process occurs. Let Cognascents serve you by establishing a system that will ensure all relevant information is updated whenever necessary.

Why Work With Cognascents Engineers?

Our experts are well versed in PSM compliance audits, process hazard analyses, relief system design, flare header design and process optimization, so they understand the importance of the process safety information required for running an upstream, midstream, downstream or chemical process.

Read our paper Will It Really Make that Much of a Difference? Broad Effects of Operational Changes on Relief System to see how our experts apply their knowledge to updating relief systems after an MOC has taken place.

Typical elements of process safety information that get overlooked during a MOC process are:

  • Relief system and flare header analyses
  • Process safety calculations
  • Process description, heat and material balance (H&MB) and process chemistry documents
  • Operating procedures
  • Safe upper and lower limits
  • Process and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs)
  • Instrumentation safe charts
  • Chemical compatibility matrices
  • Process flow diagrams (PFD)

Contact if you have any questions on how we can serve your company with process safety information maintenance. For companies just beginning their process safety management program, Cognascents can also assist with process safety information generation.