Process Safety Information (PSI) Solutions

process safetyWhy Is Process Safety Information Important?

For a process that falls under process safety management (PSM), having a complete and accurate set of process safety information (PSI) is required by OSHA mandate 1910.119 before a process can begin.

For processes that are already operational and do not fall under PSM, a complete and accurate set of PSI can be your competitive edge. The accurate documentation and facilitation of information will allow your company to fully understand, communicate, and safeguard against the potential hazards present at your facility.

Our PSI solutions experts at Cognascents have completed projects including:

  • Creation of process and instrumentation diagram (P&ID) walkdown red-lines
  • Drafting of P&ID computer-aided design (CAD) drawings
  • Development of heat and material balances
  • Identification and consolidation of safety data sheets
  • Development of chemical compatibility matrices
  • Drafting of process flow diagrams
  • Calculation and documentation of maximum intended inventories
  • Development of process chemistry documents
  • Calculation and documentation of safe upper and lower operating limits (SOL)
  • Generation of relief system design basis documents
  • Generation of flare/effluent handling system design basis documents
  • Consolidation of equipment, instrumentation, and piping element datasheets
  • Development of electrical area classification (EAC) drawings
  • Analysis of facility siting
  • Completion of consequence modelling and analyses
  • Completion of dispersion modelling and analyses
  • Generation of ventilation system design basis documents
  • Documentation of safety systems

Why work with Cognascents' PSI Solutions Team?

Our PSI solutions experts guide you through the generation of process safety information. Whether you need a process flow diagram (PFD) or electrical area classification (EAC) consulting, we can find a solution to fit your needs. We have the industry expertise to document safety systems, consolidate safety data sheets, and analyze facility siting.

We work with oil, gas, chemical and petrochemical companies of all sizes to document, evaluate and make recommendations for improvement in process safety management.

Contact with questions on how we can assist your company with process safety information solutions.