RMP Compliance Audit

Why Do You Need an RMP Compliance Audit?

EPA’s Risk Management Plan (RMP) rule requires compliance audits be conducted every three years by Program 3 facilities. A compliance audit helps companies determine whether they are doing what is required for compliance against EPA’s RMP rule. It also helps companies determine if they are doing what is described in their RMP policies and protocols. In essence, an RMP compliance audit serves as a company’s most critical measurement tool for RMP effectiveness and compliance.

Why Choose Cognascents?

Cognascents performs third-party, independent RMP compliance audits, which ensure impartiality and enhance the integrity of the compliance assessment.

Most importantly, Cognascents auditors are engineers who have developed and implemented RMP elements, such as PHAs and accidental release scenarios. They know the ins and outs of the process and the elements to double-check for inconsistencies.

Our auditors have developed a comprehensive procedure to aid in the interview, observation and verification audit elements. At the end of the audit, we conduct a management debrief with achievable plans to achieve compliance status.

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