Cognascents helps people and organizations achieve competitive sustainability through aggressively-priced process engineering services, process safety services, environmental services, and technical training solutions that leverage our rare combination of technical problem-solving skills and integrity.

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Cognascents is a company of process engineers with multi-disciplined experience across the energy and chemical spectrums.

Our engineers have designed processes in the upstream, midstream, downstream, and chemicals sectors. Cognascents can be brought in to serve as the primary or lead process engineering discipline. Alternatively, Cognascents can provide supplemental process engineering support to large capital projects or facility-specific process modification efforts.


Cognascents serves the process safety efforts across the upstream, midstream, downstream, and chemicals sectors.

Cognascents can be brought in at the conceptual stage to help apply inherently safe design to grassroots projects. Cognascents can also provide support to existing facilities as they perpetually strive for compliance with regulatory directives, such as OSHA’s 1910.119 PSM mandate.  Regardless the driver, Cognascents aims to help companies (1) understand their process safety strengths and weaknesses, (2) safeguard their vulnerabilities, and (3) continuously improve their business performance.

Cognascents offers full Risk Management Plan (RMP) development for compliance with EPA’s 40 CFR 68 RMP mandate.

Environmental engineering is a natural extension of process engineering. Many of a facility’s environmental activities require deep process engineering expertise.

Cognascents  is a company that helps assetintensive industry stakeholders meet and exceed their maintenance and reliability objectives.

Our multidisciplinary engineers have lived the challenges asset integrity practices face across a wide range of facilities.  Cognascents can be brought in to define or implement the proper asset integrity strategy based on the risks posed by the associated failure factors.  By leveraging our pool of competent resources, we are also able to provide the supplemental integrity management support your facility needs.

At Cognascents, we do not like keeping secrets; therefore, we offer training on our core business and technical service offerings.

We realize that outsourcing to us is not always an option, but we can still help you through training.Standard learning/training techniques, hands-on examples, and role-playing workshops are incorporated into the courses where appropriate. Extensive and comprehensive training material is provided with each course for easy reference once back at your job.


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