Mechanical Integrity Training


What is Mechanical Integrity?

Mechanical Integrity (MI) is one of the 14 elements covered under OSHA 1910.119.  It can be defined as the actions that ensure equipment is designed and installed correctly and operated and also maintained in a manner that provides safe and reliable operations.

Why Does My Company Need Mechanical Integrity Training?

Mechanical integrity is key to improving the performance of your static equipment.  Training key personnel within your organization is an effective way to mitigate risk and be confident that your employees are well educated should an incident arise.  Our instructors have extensive working knowledge of what it takes to keep your MI program up-to-date and practical.  We will provide the basic requirements of a MI program, along with solutions to address any gaps that may be found along the way.

From half-day to multi-day training courses, we can customize our Mechanical Integrity training to suit your needs.

The training includes discussions and explanations on the following:

  • What is Mechanical Integrity?
  • Basic requirements of a MI program
  • How to address gaps in your current MI program

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