Process Safety Management Training

trainingWhy Is PSM Training Important?

In 1992, OSHA issued 1910.119 mandating owners or operators of certain facilities to implement a PSM program. As part of this PSM mandate, employees involved in operating a process shall be trained in an overview of the process and in the operating procedures of the process. The training shall also include emphasis on specific safety and health hazards, emergency operations including shutdown, and safe work practices.

Why Choose Cognascents?

Cognascents helps clients with PSM training by providing a general PSM awareness training workshop to all employees regardless of whether they are an operator or not. We also help clients develop and implement facility-specific training focused on achieving compliance with the PSM mandate.

Process safety management training services include:

  • History of the PSM mandate
  • Definitions
  • Applicability
  • General requirements
  • Employee participation
  • Process safety information (PSI)
  • Process hazard analysis (PHA)
  • Operating procedures
  • Training
  • Contractors
  • Pre-startup safety review (PSSR)
  • Mechanical integrity (MI)
  • Hot work permit
  • Management of change (MOC)
  • Incident investigation
  • Emergency planning and response
  • Compliance audits
  • Trade secrets

Facility-Specific PSM Training

Cognascents also helps clients develop and implement facility-specific PSM training. This training focuses on achieving and sustaining compliance with the PSM mandate. We tailor PSM facility-specific training to site-specific operating procedures and pair it with competency assessment tools for new employees and employees receiving refresher training.

At a minimum the PSM training will address the following:

  • Process overview
  • Safety and health hazards
  • Initial startup
  • Normal operations
  • Temporary operations
  • Emergency shutdown and operations
  • Normal shutdown
  • Startup following a normal emergency shutdown or a major change that requires a hazard review
  • Consequences of deviations and steps required to correct or avoid deviations
  • Safe work practices

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